Fear of firemen, police & hospitals

In what I suspect is every incestuous family, children are instilled with the fear to tell. The same messages come up for every survivor...like there's a "how to" book of terrorizing children to ensure they don't tell of the dirty little secrets. Whether the child dissociates or not, they believe the threats.

With organized pedophilia, it is especially essential to the predators' "livelihood" that a child lives in fear of telling. To ensure a child has no "safe person" to tell, as instructed in schools and elsewhere, organized pedophiles wear uniforms of police and firefighters and other helping professions while abusing a child. Not only does it add the element of unbelievability to a child trying to tell, it terrifies the child who might otherwise seek help from anyone wearing those uniforms.

This was the memory of many adult survivors I knew and the experience of Tyler who always wanted to destroy the firefighter toys during sand tray therapy. They were the perpetrators of abuse and part of his healing was being given permission to act out his anger on the toys.

I heard on Oprah today that the Protect the Children legislation passed which will give more resources to law enforcement. How I wish that legislation included protection for adult survivors who become aware of current abuse. It is a sad fact that a large percentage of women with DID are unable to work and live with very restricted incomes. Survivors of organized pedophilia rarely have the resources to pay for their own healing or security if they "wake up" in the middle of their own real life nightmare.

It is also possible that one of the ways neighbors do not call for help is when a perp dons clothing indicative of law enforcement. Who would suspect harm when the uniform represents safety to most?

As for hospitals, ambulances, orphanages, and other related facilities, an overwhelming fear surfaces usually connected to messages from parents that they will be locked up or given away if they ever tell. Some survivors recall being driven to a psychiatric institution while the parent stayed with them parked outside threatening to take them inside and leave them there to die. Some remember the additional element of being placed in a straitjacket for the ride to the place from which they believed they would never return.

As far as I know, all people with DID also have PTSD. Hearing the siren of a police car or ambulance can send a child or a dissociated child part into a state of terror. I've indicated in a related blog that holidays were intentionally made to be not fun days for children of this world of predators. Halloween is approaching. The sight of masks and costumes is triggering by itself. Add to that triggering by what most would think are mundane or ordinary costumes such as a doctor or police officer or fireman. There isn't a survivor I know who looks forward to Halloween, although adult survivors who are moms will do their best to make it extra fun and special for their own children.

Anything involving costumes, masks, and clowns (painted faces) can be extraordinarily terrifying to a child. Tyler has been able to enjoy a Halloween since being rescued in spite of being very frightened by people in costumes just a few years ago--something his now adoptive mother noticed, bless her heart. Genuine love, safety, and an adult to protect is what every child deserves. It is what every healing adult with DID wishes they'd had. It is what every pedophile sets out to destroy.

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