Using God to Abuse

As I was driving home today from a doctor appointment, I heard something on the radio having to do with God. It reminded me of one of Tyler's disclosures (see his story, the first post on this blog). Tyler was taken to another location by Franklin, his mother's boyfriend. Tyler would have been 4 or 5 at the time. He was brought into a room where he waited alone. A man from a different room entered saying he was God and invited Tyler into his room where there was a bed. Tyler, who remembers because he did not dissociate, challenged the person. Something like, "No, you are NOT God!" The person insisted he was and a child will believe whatever lies are told. The message was: If you don't allow God to *touch* you, God won't love you anymore...and no one else will either. How devastating is that? Imagine the next time Tyler went to church with his safe parents?

In fact, after Tyler was in safe custody, that was a major issue his parents worked on with him as I did to uncover the messages behind his fear.

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