The Usual Suspects

If you visited this blog previously and read about Katie, her story has appeared and disappeared several times. Issues arose surrounding the telling of her story. In consulting with others whom I admire in the world of psychology, I came to believe it was in Katie's best interest for her story not to appear. But the objection came from the community in which I advocated for help for her as her former therapist.

Since removal of the details of her abuse, Katie has learned, unfortunately, her congestive heart failure is advancing faster than expected. She also must undergo surgery because of leakage of fluid from her brain surgery several months ago. It is not known if the crack in her skull came from when Katie stated she was knocked to the ground by the bad men or when Christina consciously fell about a month ago. If not surgically repaired soon, she may die of the leakage first.

Christina (the adult) and Katie (the very abused child alter) have never known life without abuse or with acknowledgment by family of her having been a victim originally at her uncle's hands in very early childhood. In my attempts to help her, I was witness to the highly discriminatory treatment by hospital emergency room staff and law enforcement.

There are too many Katies who know of the abuse but are never heard because of the unbelievability factor. Abuse by organized pedophilia is everywhere and intentionally unbelievable. My mission is to help the nation understand that "unbelievable" is a ploy. It says "We are here."

A quote from the movie The Usual Suspects says it all:
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

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